Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Torch

We just recently needed to get a new torch for our Samson table. We were using a Hypertherm Powermax 1250. We purchased a new Hypertherm Powermax 85. This torch is actually bigger than the 1250. With this setup we decided on the machine torch.

Sine we were getting the machine torch, figured we needed a nice mount for it. We chose the mount produced by Mick at Possum Plasma Cutting in Australia. It is a magnetic breakaway mount. Very nice. In addition when you purchase the mount, Mick sends you the cut files for a whole new grate system for your plasmacam/samson table! Thanks Mick!

I have all the pieces now for the new torch install. I need to complete the controller cable that connects the torch to the table controller. That will be done with some direction from Jim Colt from Hypertherm. Jim just recently hooked this same model torch to his plasmacam table. Thanks in advance Jim for all your help and guidance!

The grate is cut and needs cleaned and assembled. That will also be done this week. So hopefully next week sometime I will post some photos of the new setup!

Take care...

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