Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"George Beal Auto" Project

A good friend of ours owns a garage where he does auto repair. His old plywood sign was so bad after years and years of hanging in the weather that George took it down. He asked us if we would be interested in making him a new sign. So we did and it sorta exceeded even our expectations!

I laid out the design and cut it with our Samson table. It took one full 5 x 10 sheet of 14 gauge. Once it was cut and test fit together, we took it to our local vo-tech school,
Somerset County Technology Center, to see if the auto-body shop would be interested in doing the painting. We wanted the sign to have a nice automotive finish and figured it would be a great project for the kids at the school.

My son took this class and we had become good friends with Jim Shesko the instructor. He really liked the sign and was happy to take on the project. A local company that builds fire trucks donated the red paint. Get this, the red paint takes 24 hours to dry at 100 degrees! Boy does it look nice.

Ok, now the special project…. George has been a good family friend for many many years. We decided to do something special for George and when I found the 57 chevy file here on plasmaspider ( http://www.plasmaspider.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=665&p=1544&hilit=57+chevy#p1544 ) I knew what we would make him!

Once cut, I asked Jim Shesko was more than willing to take a stab at custom painting the 57. And I have to tell you folks, everyone that has seen this piece has been stunned. Here they are....


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