Monday, August 2, 2010

Kayak Rack

Just got back from a vacation at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. We decided to take my sea kayak with us so we loaded the kayak rack I had made in to my truck. After getting it in there I decided it needed a bit of sprucing up. So we cut panels for it and made the kayak rack a display for our work. Here are a few shots!

Last two images are taken from inside the bed looking out and then mirrored in paintshop so you can see the cutouts better. We got LOADS of comments and looks while on vacation!

1 comment:

  1. wow dad! thats amazing. I really like it. You have so much talent. I have never met someone like you, no matter what you do you always seem to be able to pick it up, like you have been doing it forever! When you did the wood cuttings when I was little, the etched glass, flute playing, drumming, pottery and now metal. I wish I had one tenth of the creativity and talent that you have. I love to see the work you and Martha do and I love to hear when people say "that is beautiful I wonder who made it?" I am always proud to say my dad made that!