Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cabin Railing - A big challenge!

In the late summer of 2006 we were commissioned to create our first full railing. As you can see the railing is panel inserts in a log railing. This was by far the trickiest job we had done at the time.

The logs were slotted in all four logs top, bottom and sides. There were a total of eight panels. The slots were just over 1/8th inch wide and around a ½ inch deep. As you can imagine that sounds pretty straight forward, but consider that no two logs are the same and they are not uniform from end to end.

We took measurements and then went home and cut the panels. Then we went back to the site and removed all the top logs so we could test fit the panels. Once they were all in place the top logs were screwed back in place. We marked all the visible corners, front and back of each panel. The client wanted to have around a 1 inch border around the scene in each panel.

We then disassembled the whole railing and took our fitted blank panels home to have the scenes cut into them. The photos in this blog entry are the end result, an eight panel continuous scene from the bottom of the steps to the end of the loft. Design, fitting, cutting and refitting was about 2 weeks.

It was all done in our studio!

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